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Guitar Fee Structure in mamms

We at MAMMS ( Music and Me Music Solutions ) providing a wide range of Music and Stage Entertainment related services, Guitar Learning Course is one of them.

Our Guitar Learning Course is not just another course; for better understanding, we have divided Guitar Learning into a few categories. 

At the very first of the course, you will be aware of the guitar, basics of guitar learning & we also teach you how you can prepare a few songs.

Not just limited to guitar learning, we will also help you to build stage confidence. We know for a new student is very hard to perform on stage in front of unknown peoples.

Our dedicated team will work on your stage courage and confidence so that you can perform better.

What Will You In Guitar Learning Course?

  1. Guitar Learning starts with the identification of string names, numbers, and reading music notation, such as tablature, chord block diagrams, and fretboard maps.
  2. After that, you will learn about playing various chords, including major, minor triads, open, barre, and pose chords.
  3. Learning is all about practics when you learn playing various chords; we give you the time for practics so that you get proper knowledge about fingerpicking and strumming patterns.
  4. At the end of the course, you will read and play a lead.

That’s all about our Guitar Learning Course; before starting with the guitar , our trainers will try to understand your leaning objective and your current skillset.

We believe that if the start is perfect, everything is perfect, You will achieve new milestones in the training process.

We also help you with a career in the field

At Music and Me Music Solutions, we are providing the best Guitar Course. This is not just limited to guitar learning; we also help you to build stage courage & making a career in the field.  

For a newbie, it is not easy to make a carrier in this field. After completing our Guitar Learning Course, you can start a successful cover band, become a professional songwriter, work as a studio/session guitarist, play in a backing band, start a business teaching guitar.

Affordable Guitar Classes Packages

Guitar classes is always expensive, but we are committed to providing you with affordable guitar learn packages that start from as low as 1900/- and goes till 3500/- month.

We also offer home training services, but we have different packages for that, you can get in touch with our team for more information and customized packages.

Talking about the batch, five students learn in 1 batch; our instructor gives a personal assistant to everyone. No matter how old you are, we are training students of all ages and levels to achieve the best guitar skills.

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