This Delhi School of Music  training zone consists of best knowledge on Music and through it one can achieve right vision and path to enter and escalate in Music field.

MAMMS ( Music & Me music solutions ) has structured the complex training format in easiest way possible in order to achieve maximum results in minimum time tenure.

Observation : 

It is observed that everyone around us like Music. Some one likes to listen and some one likes to sing but, to get in music field one has to eat and drink music. In other words dedication is required to achieve skills. This is only possible if formatting of our training and practice is designed in balanced way.

Point to Think: 

The ultimate goal is excellence in Music not Training or practice but one should not forget the value of right training and right practice. Suppose you get trained by your Guru and repeat it as practice at your home and come back to guru for more lessons than do you think that at this point the last lesson has been completed by you before jumping to the next lesson. Think ?

Training Format –

 Start from training and get lessons, techniques, content, style as well as timing. Practice it in the same way you do training. Practice does not mean revision; it means proper repetition of the learnt lessons by recalling the techniques told by your Guru. Remember, in music “Going fast is not right but going right is right” once you are able to float in a right way than start sitting with other musicians (Example: For singers, rehearsal means to synchronize with Keyboard, tabla & guitar) and doing rehearsal is the best way to ending up practice with ongoing lesson. Once you have done these 3 steps, you should document your performance in video(Optional). If you really want to achieve your goal in music field these 3+1 steps are very important and valuable.

Crux of entire Discussion – 

We believe that the target should be measurable. So, what you learn should be reflected in any presentable form.

Get inputs and understanding from your Faculty The Required content is given at this point Sessions with your classmates help you to know your strength and weaknesses

Sit Alone, Think of the Training session, Revise notes and Start !
– Minimum 1 Hour Daily revision/practice is required

This is must to get feel of real music
– Sit with other musician friends who are getting training in other instruments
– It is important as you will not be alone on stage

Learn Projection at this moment
– Audience is behind the camera so be confident –
– It should be the combination of Expression, Poister and Music Skills

After going through this process, you are now ready for the live performance of what you are training, practicing, rehearsing